Orland town hall helps with healing after crash


ORLAND, Calif. - A town hall meeting Tuesday night in Orland offered the community a chance to learn about services available to those suffering mental health issues following last week's tragic accident.

Just five days after the fiery crash that killed 10, the people of Orland gathered at the Veterans Memorial Hall to learn about signs of post traumatic stress disorder and options for dealing with it.

They were greeted outside by Orland city councilmembers.

Inside, members of the public sat alongside top brass with the CHP, the Glenn County Sheriff's Office and the Orland Police Department, who were on hand to field questions.

Although victims of the crash were from out of the area, the size and impact of the tragic event is still felt in the small community of Orland.

Amy Travis, Emergency Response Coordinator with the Glenn County Department of Health and Human Services, says the town hall meeting was an opportunity for people to learn about services available help the healing process.

"It's so important that we involve our community members in our response and our community efforts and that we provide them with the social support services that they need," Travis said. " Everyone is impacted by disasters and traumatic events, including our community members that witnessed the event."

Travis said many people may not even know they're suffering from PTSD or other mental health problems associated with experiencing tragedy.

Parents especially need to be on the lookout for signs in their children after being exposed to such a traumatic event.

More information about warning signs and how to cope with a disaster or traumatic event can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website or by contacting the Glenn County Public Health Department.