Rancho Tehama parents outside of barricades worried for children's safety


RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. - Tuesday morning several parents were stuck outside of the barricades, worried about their children and waiting for any news as a shooting rampage rattled their tiny community.

The Sheriff's Office said two children were injured and others were wounded in the commotion.

One of the kids shot was in the back seat of a pickup truck, his mom, who was driving, was hit in the driver seat. Her wounds still considered life-threatening, but the young boy is expected to survive.

The second child, Alejandro Hernandez, was shot in his classroom at school. He was transported to UC Davis Medical Center in critical condition.

One Rancho Tehama mom, who spoke to us while holding her baby in her arms, said she had been worried about the man allegedly behind the attack.

"I've seen him," she recounted. "Crazy how people are these days."

Parents are now reunited with their children. Several parents who spoke with KRCR Tuesday had the same idea, "You never think it's going to happen to you".

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