Tehama County double murder trial heads to closing statements


RED BLUFF, Calif. - Thursday marked the seventh day of the double murder trial of John Noonkester.

Noonkester is on trial for the murder of his ex-wife, Kimberlee Thomas and her father Keith Thomas in Lake California in July 2015.

Thursday, Noonkester's mother and sister testified. They told jurors what they could remember from the day of the shootings and events leading up to it.

The prosecution played an eleven-minute audio recording for the jury. It was from an interaction Noonkester had with his ex and her father just days before the shootings.

In the recording, they are meeting for a custody exchange. Noonkester is upset that Thomas brought her boyfriend, John Zimmerman.

Noonkester's mother later testified that they believed Zimmerman had a history of sexual offenses.

In the recording Noonkester says he doesn't want Zimmerman around his daughters.

He's heard saying, "You're going to take my kids with some guy I don't know?"

Later in the recording, you hear his mother say to him "she's trying to get your temper up."

Noonkester said, "she wants blood while I'm still trying to be amicable."

He's heard saying he wants the exchanges to be peaceful and telling them that he's a peaceful person.

At the end of the recording he's alone with his mother. You hear him tell her, "she's taken me to a place where I will kill her. I've fantasized about that."

After the recording and the two witnesses took the stand, the judge dismissed the jurors.

The closing statements will be made Friday morning and deliberation will begin.

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