The latest: What we know about the Rancho Tehama mass shooting


RANCHO TEHAMA, Calif. - Six people are now confirmed dead, including the shooter, and 14 have been injured after a mass shooting shook the small community of Rancho Tehama Tuesday.

In a press conference Wednesday morning, Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston addressed the media as he explained that after a search warrant was issued at the home of the shooter, Kevin Janson Neal, 44, they found his wife dead under the floor of the home.

Johnston said they suspected something had happened to Neal's wife, whose name is unknown at this time, after they found her vehicle outside of the home but were unable to get in contact with her. Johnston added the wife had received several gunshot wounds, on what they believe was Monday, and he believes that her death is what triggered the string of events that followed Tuesday morning.

Johnston went into a little more detail about who the other shooting victims were and where they were at during the incident. Johnston said three people were found dead on Bobcat Lane, where the incident began, and one woman was found dead along Stagecoach Road. Johnston did not speak about the fifth victim.

Johnston said all the scenes have been processed and cleared with the help of teams from the FBI and Department of Justice. Johnston added that people living in Rancho Tehama should check on their friends and neighbors because Neal was randomly firing into homes during the incident and there is concern that more people may be injured.

Johnston said the two officers who shot and killed Neal are home resting and an investigation into the officer-involved shooting has begun.

Johnston was also able to go into more detail about the weapons that were used during the shooting. The two semi-automatic rifles were obtained illegally and were manufactured illegally in his home. The rifles were not registered. Johnston added information about the two handguns was limited but that they were not registered to Neal.

Questions were also asked about prior calls made to the Sheriff's Office about Neal firing shots in the area near his home in the past. Johnston said when deputies made attempts to follow up on the reports, they could never get Neal to come to his home and could not confirm he was even inside the home based on how his home was arranged.

Johnston said they even put Neal's home under video surveillance but he never came out.

Johnston was also able to briefly elaborate on a reported domestic violence incident that took place Monday at Neal's home. Johnston said the Sheriff's Office never got a phone call about the domestic violence incident but learned about it once they began investigating the shooting.

Johnston released information about the one citizen who attempted to engage with Neal during the incident. Johnston said the woman who was driving her children to school, was shot during the incident, had a concealed carry permit and did pull out her handgun but was not able to fire because after Neal shot eight or so rounds into her truck, he took off.

Johnston said of the 14 victims, at least five are still in the hospital. 6-year-old Alejandro Hernandez remains in critical condition at UC Davis Medical Center after being shot twice in the school, one adult remains in critical condition at Enloe Medical Center along with another man who is in stable condition, and two men are still at Mercy Medical Center in stable condition.

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