Rain moves in Sunday AM, Snow around 2000 FT

North Coast News Forecast 1-20-18

Saturday, January 20th (5:00 pm)

The next weather system will push through the North Coast early tomorrow morning bringing with it rain for the coast and plenty of snow for the mountains. Because of the colder air in place from the last system and clouds building tonight snow levels may start out around 2000 feet across the northern coastal range.

A Winter Weather Advisory and Winter Storm Warning are in place for Trinity County with several inches possible. Chain restrictions are the primary concern with travel most likely impacted. The wind will also increase as the system moves in with gusts up to 50 mph across the ridge tops of Humboldt and Del Norte counties, where a Wind Advisory is in place as well. Activity will linger throughout the day and into Monday morning becoming more scattered and isolated.

We will dry out by Monday afternoon through a good portion of Tuesday until another wave passes through later that afternoon and early evening. This will bring more rain and snow to the region so stay on top of any updates during that time frame. Moisture lingers for a good portion of the week. Snow levels fluctuate a little but remain around the 3000 foot mark so more accumulation will be possible. Stay on top of any and all updates over the next several days.