Eiler Fire: Sunday afternoon update

Eiler Fire Courtesy: Josh James

Eiler Fire

Location: Thousand Lakes Wilderness Area, east and southeast of Burney Cause: Lightning Size: 22,788 Acres Evacuations: Mandatory: Hat Creek, Cassel, Big Eddy Estates, Johnson Park Advisory: Burney

Road Closures: Highway 89 from Highway 44 to Highway 299 and Highway 299 to Black Ranch Road. All roads inside this area.

Sunday afternoon, long term care patients at the Burney Annex of Mayers Memorial Hospital were moved to Mercy Medical Center in Redding. Additionally, beginning at 2:45 officials went back through all the evacuated areas to try and convince those who stayed behind to evacuate, because they have active fire in the area.

Field reports: Colin Steiner was in Cassel, and says it is still standing and intact. He met up with several people who had chosen to stay behind. The fire had not come to Cassel, and nothing had burned there.

In Hat Creek, Colin confirmed the Fireside Village Restaurant burned to the ground overnight. It was standing yesterday when Colin was there. He also reports homes were lost on Overcreek Road, Doty Road and on Highway 89.

Shay Arthur met up with Jim Mackensen from the Forest Service who says the most concentrated effort has been on the northwest side of the fire where they spent the night putting in a dozer line to protect Burney. Firefighters then lit backfires today to reinforce that protection. At the time of the report (approximately noon) the fire was about 4 miles from Burney. She also spoke with the Burney Fire Chief who says if they evacuate Burney he, "will be the last one out."

An inversion layer was keeping smoke down in the area for most of the day which made air attack difficult, but it began to lift at 2:30 and the fire began to get more active.