911 went down in several California counties Monday morning
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[UPDATE | SEPT. 19, 11 A.M. ]

The Butte County Sheriff's Office confirmed that its 911 system is back and fully functioning.

SHASCOM also confirmed that their phones are now back up and running, with all 911 services in Shasta County restored. They said 911 can be accessed via cell phone, landline or text.

"Thank you for your patience during this network error!," Shascom wrote on Facebook.

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There is a 911 system error throughout many counties in California. Shasta, Tehama, Butte, and Glenn Counties are some local counties confirmed to have been affected.

According to AT&T, primarily cell phone calls to 911 are not connecting.

If you have an emergency you can text 911 from a cell phone. The outage is impacting cell phones and possibly voice-over internet calling (VOIP) phones calling 911. However, according to Glenn County Sheriffs' Department callers from a landline phone have been able to reach 911.

According to Shascom, technicians at AT&T have been notified and are working to solve the issue.


Shasta, Butte, Tehama, and Glenn Counties report that texting 911 is working.

Some local police departments have released alternate cell phone numbers to call for law enforcement services.

For Tehama and Red Bluff residents, you are encouraged to call 530-526-5525 and 530-526-5525.

In Glenn County, you can call the dispatch cell phone at 530-720-7152.

The City of Chico has reported that their landline phones are currently NOT working and have provided alternate numbers to contact them. Those numbers to call are:






These counties are asking the public to stay vigilant and only to call the numbers above in the event of an emergency.

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