2 arrested for drugs and weapons with help of Crescent City police dog


CRESCENT CITY, Calif. - A man was arrested in Crescent City Sunday after a police dog alerted to the presence of drugs in his vehicle.

According to the Crescent City Police Department (CCPD), at around 2 a.m. on Dec. 3 a car was pulled over at Fourth and G Streets for having an obstructed license plate. During the traffic stop, the officer noticed the driver, 40-year-old John Albert Angelino Jr. had a no-bail warrant out of Santa Clara County for his arrest.

According to CCPD, another officer, equipped with trusty K-9 Kai, arrived to provide backup assistance. While the initial officer was investigating, the police dog alerted to the scent of a narcotic. Police searched the car and found a loaded handgun, suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

Police said three people were in the car, including the driver. One was 23-year-old Raven Marie Sanderson and Julian Porcino.

Angelino was arrested on his warrant and for the possession of a firearm and ammunition. Sanderson was also arrested for providing a false identification and possession of a controlled substance.

Both were booked into the Del Norte County Jail.

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