3 college grads cycling to raise awareness and stop sex trafficking


WEOTT, Calif. - Three recent college graduates from Texas are pedaling from Seattle to San Diego to raise money and spread awareness about human sex trafficking.

Sara, Savannah and Grace just reached Weott from Eureka around 5 p.m. on Monday, July 10. Tuesday, they plan to reach Standish Hickey.

The women say they were all exposed to, or heard about, human trafficking through different experiences, and Pedal the Pacific is the result of their desire to do something about it.

They left Washington on June 19 and expect to reach San Diego by August 3.

So far, the woman have raised $50,000 to keep the Refuge Ranch open, a local organization in Austin, Texas. The Refuge Ranch is building a restorative care ranch that will house and heal 48 young victims of sex trafficking.

If you would like to donate to Pedal the Pacific, click here.

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