A message to our DISH viewers


The agreement between Bonten Media Group (the parent company of KRCR and KRVU) and DISH Network expired on Tuesday, January 17 at 5 p.m. We were unable to reach a new agreement. KRCR and KRVU are no longer available on DISH.

Bonten Media Group is continuing to negotiate with DISH toward reaching a new agreement. The negotiations have not been fruitful so far because DISH is proposing terms that are well below fair market value and are not consistent with our current agreements with other cable and satellite companies.

We are a small local company providing more than 100 jobs in the Northern California. Altogether, Bonten Media Group is less than 1% the size of DISH. DISH is an international multi-billion dollar corporation with no local involvement in our communities. Obtaining a fair agreement with DISH is essential to the survival of KRCR and KRVU.

The cost of programming that KRCR provides is skyrocketing. The pennies a day per subscriber we are asking from DISH are crucial in offsetting what we pay to the networks, syndicators, and our costs for providing local news and weather.

Bonten Media Group has been able to reach long term agreements with DirecTV, Charter, Comcast and other providers under similar terms without any problems.

In fact, in all our years working with cable and satellite providers we have only had one disagreement in our market that has resulted in our signal being dropped. That was with DISH. DISH, on the other hand, has dropped more than 200 local TV stations in just the past two years. In the past two weeks alone, it has dropped or threatened to drop dozens of local stations across the country.

We know that you pay DISH a lot each month, and we understand you are frustrated with this inconvenience. We sincerely apologize for this disruption. If you would like to continue watching your favorite stations, you can contact one of the other cable and satellite providers to switch your service. Many are offering incentives to switch.

Charter Communications 1-877-906-9121

DirecTV 1-877-841-8936

Comcast 1-800-934-6489

You can also receive our programming for free with an over-the-air antenna, as well as live stream our newscasts on and through the KRCR news app.

We appreciate all of our viewers and thank you for the support you have always given us. If KRCR and KRVU are to survive, we will need your continuing support.

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