Anderson Police training to use nunchucks


    ANDERSON, Calif. - The Anderson Police Department will start using nunchucks as a way to forcibly restrain suspects.

    Though nunchucks are not new to law enforcement, they are making a come back in Shasta County.

    They originated in Japan and have been used in martial arts for years. APD said they want to start using them because they are a multipurpose weapon.

    Nunchucks are illegal for citizens to own in California; however, police can be certified to use them within the state.

    The ones used by officers are made of plastic and are connected with a nylon rope.

    Sgt. Casey Day was recently certified to use nunchucks for the Anderson Police Department. He explained the different ways they can be used to help law enforcement.

    He said they can be used to hit, strike, jab and take someone down. They can also be used as a restraint to lock someone's hand, elbow or ankle.

    "These were kind of designed with a different goal in mind to be more of a control weapon, but like I said, it's not like we can't use these as an impact weapon," Day explained. "They work really good as an impact weapon, but we try to emphasis a control tool over impact."

    Day stated he's replacing his baton with the nunchucks because they work well and are more universal.

    He explained that if they are used with force, officers will focus on aiming at the criminal's hands, knees or wrists. They can also be used to block a punch or hit.

    Day added that he hasn't had to use them yet.

    Currently, the department is working to train all their officers to use nunchucks.

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