Arcata police chief updates small crowd on Lawson case


ARCATA, Calif. - A meeting held on September 28 at the Arcata City Hall to discuss the David Josiah Lawson investigation brought a much smaller crowd than meetings in the past.

Arcata Police Chief Tom Chapman addressed the small crowd.

"First and foremost, the investigation into this homicide is still open and ongoing, it hasn't stopped," Chief Chapman said.

Chapman said the department is still waiting on additional forensics to come back; however, they did get some new information.

"This week we received an additional report from the Department of Justice on some of the forensic evidence they have completed," Chapman said.

Chapman said that for rural areas like Arcata, it can take a few to several months to get evidence results.

"We're still waiting for our autopsy report," Chapman said. "That has not been completed yet we don't have an ETA on when that will come in."

Tom Parker, the private investigator who has taken on the case has yet to come back with an initial report. Chapman said Parker should be ready to make the report within the next few weeks.

It was announced that there are two private donors that have shown interest in raising the reward, already listed at $50,000, for information leading to the arrest of Lawson's murderer.

No new witnesses have come forward, if anyone has information on the case they should contact the Arcata Police Department at (707) 822 2428.

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