Be ready to escape with a vehicle evacuation kit


Being ready to escape before you're in immediate danger of a wildfire can ensure your chances of survival.

"It can happen very quickly," said Kendra Pospychalla, American Red Cross Disaster program manager.

A violent inferno can happen within seconds and evacuations can cause chaos, ensuring something will be left behind.

"You may not even be home when your area is evacuated, so you really only have what you have in your car," Pospychalla added.

Having a car getaway kit can save your life.

These are some of the items that you should have ready, such as a first aid kit, toothbrush, non-perishable food, medication, batteries, blanket, boxed water, personal documents, and a self-powered emergency radio flashlight cell phone charger.

"If you're not home when you are evacuated, you won't be able to access those documents, which is birth certificates and things like that. So if you have an extra copy of those, it's a good idea to have them in your emergency kit in your car as well," Pospychalla stated.

She also said that she has seen the amazing impact of saving those documents in the recovery process.

Last but not least, if you have young children, be sure to put a toy in your kit, it can give them comfort during a time of crisis.

You can purchase a kit with all the supplies from the American Red Cross. However, if you would like to make your own kit you can find an additional list on the American Red Cross website.

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