Car burglars target multiple Redding neighborhoods


REDDING, Calif. - In surveillance footage captured by a man living on Ivy Hill drive in Redding, two men wearing backpacks are seen breaking into his car. Multiple other people living nearby also reported their cars had been ransacked and items inside were missing.

After seeing a post on the 'Redding Crime' Facebook page, Christine Everson realized she was not the only victim.

"It is a shock because we are a very tight knit community. We really look after each other and in all the years I've been here we've had one incident," Everson said.

Everson and her family have lived off Squire Avenue for 15 years. She said her neighborhood has always felt safe, until last night.

"It makes me really sad because Redding is an extremely generous community," Everson shared. "Just knowing how generous the community really is, if people truly were on hard times this community would take care of them but unfortunately it's tainting a lot of people."

Everson woke up to find two of her cars were broken into and a TV used for her son's boy scout trip was stolen.

Everson called the Redding Police Department to report the theft. She said the next step is to create a Neighborhood Crime Watch group for her block.

"I think in that, it is taking back our town and taking back the rights to live in a safe neighborhood," Everson said.

The Redding Police Department is aware of the burglaries and said every report will be forwarded to a detective to find out who is responsible.

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