Chico native's film 'Jack Ryan' could be a blockbuster


CHICO, Calif. - A new film opening Friday could be Hollywood's new blockbuster, and it has a connection to the Northstate.

"Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit" stars Kevin Costner, Chris Pine, Keira Knightly and Kenneth Branaugh, all recognizable names.

Northstate residents may want to look for another name when the closing credits roll. The film's screenwriter is Adam Cozad, 37, who grew up in Chico.

Based on the character created by bestselling author Tom Clancy, "Jack Ryan" is an action movie that follows a younger Jack uncovering a terrorist plot. That plot was written for the screen by Cozad.

Cozad lived in Chico until tenth grade, attending Notre Dame School. He tells his Hollywood pals his childhood in Chico was like Huckleberry Finn. "It's kind of rare in this day and age where there's a town where you can still send your kids off at eight years old and send them off on their bike all day and they can have a blast," said Cozad. Cozad's film career is blasting off. "Jack Ryan"is expected to do well at the box office. His family, which still lives in Chico, saw the movie at Grauman's Chinese Theatre Wednesday night.

"It's a really good movie; that's the big thing," said Cozad. "When I tell people that I wrote a good movie that's the part of a writer that's the most important. But just making a move nowadays is essential as well."

Cozad downplays his Hollywood lifestyle. He was in London to watch some of "Jack Ryan's" production, but he doesn't mingle with the big stars, like Kevin Costner. "Being a writer is not that glamorous. You're not jet-setting around the world and throwing back beers with all of these famous people." Cozad is already working on a new project, a version of Tarzan, which he hopes will be as popular as his current movie is expected to be. The film is getting pretty good reviews. On the movie website Rotten Tomatoes, "Jack Ryan" is liked by 64 percent of the critics and 65 percent of movie goers. Not bad for a first effort for any screenwriter

Cozad is not yet a member of the Academy so he can not vote on this year's Oscars.

He told KRCR News Channel 7's Jerry Olenyn that if he did have a vote, he would vote for "Gravity" as best film.

When it comes to screen-writing, Cozad's specialty, he thought the film "Her" was terrific.

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