Del Norte County man considered dangerous, wanted for failing to appear in court


DEL NORTE COUNTY, Calif. - A man is wanted out of Del Norte County for failing to appear in court Thursday for a hearing, according to the Del Norte County Sheriff's Office (DNSO). According to DNSO, 21-year-old Mykah Mode was scheduled to be sentenced Nov. 30 at the Del Norte County Superior Court for a conviction of possession of a loaded firearm and drugs.

Mode did not show up for the hearing and a $50,000 warrant for his arrest was issued, the DNSO said.

"Mode is known to carry firearms and should be considered dangerous," a press release from deputies said. "Please do not try to apprehend him, instead we urge you to call our dispatch line."

Anyone with information as to Mode's whereabouts should call dispatch at 707-464-4191 ext 6, or Sergeant Richard Griffin at 707-464-0670, or 707-951-0393.

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