Holiday cheer spreads through Ferndale's Victorian Village


FERNDALE, Calif. - Hundreds of people filled Main Street in Ferndale on Friday for their annual Hospitality Night Open House, hosted by shop owners in the Victorian Village, who stayed open late and welcomed guests with treats and drinks.

Gordon Green and his wife own Ferndale Emporium, a store that sells anything from jewelry to hand-made soaps.

Gordon said they have participated in the open house since he can remember.

"It's a lot of fun," he said. "People come out and have a lot of fun, people see each other, friends who haven't seen each other in a year and they stand around and chat and it's a very nice evening."

Once it gets dark, the locals get out and chat, eat, drink and shop. It is tradition for many.

Pat Cahill and Camille Regli are artist showing work at the Ferndale Art Gallery.

"You see a lot of the same people here every year, because they visit and they go store hopping and see what's new for the year and maybe they'll find things for Christmas," Cahill said.

The locals said it is a perfect night to connect with newcomers to the neighborhood, and to see familiar faces, too. It is also a great night to sell their art.

Regli said, "It's all original work and it's all done by local artists."

The gallery and the emporium are just some of many locations entertaining visitors with sweets, wine and live music.

But not all of the sales happen inside a shop: A group of second-graders set up a table on the Main Street sidewalk. Their product: mistletoe. They said money from their sales went to a good cause.

One of the students, Bryce Smith, said, "For the people who lost their homes in Santa Rosa."

Hospitality night was just the beginning of Ferndale's holiday events. The city's event calendar says Santa will be in town on Saturday, and they will light the city's Christmas tree on Sunday.

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