Holiday fun at Humboldt Ice Rink in Fortuna


FORTUNA, Calif. - The skaters a t the Humboldt Ice Rink, gliding alongside holiday music and cheer, returned to Fortuna's Newburg Park for the third year in a row. 

"We're having fun out here today," said Roy Furshpan. Furshpan and his daughter Sofia skated on the rink holding hands, saying it was their second year skating on the rink. 

"We're having fun out here today," Furshpan said. "It's great for the holidays, it's a tradition; I'm so glad they did this thing in Fortuna, it is wonderful."

But building and maintaining an ice skating rink is not an easy task. Becky Coulombe is one of the directors of the Humboldt Ice Rink. She said planning for next year begins shortly after wrapping-up the current season. 

"It's great, it's a lot of work, we start all over again trying to plan next year around March," Coulombe said. "Trying to get everything together and get our sponsors."

Coulombe said only a handful of people plan the event. She said they could use the help of more volunteers and sponsors. 

When asked if they plan to return for a fourth year, Coulombe said, "We hope so, we're looking for someone to possibly help out a little bit more, it's kind of a lot for five; there's only five of us, five directors, so we're hoping for someone to come in and be a director or take over."

She said the Humboldt Ice Rink brings cheer to the community and she would love to see it continue. The ice rink will stay open until Jan. 7. You can find more details on volunteer opportunities on their website.  

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