Humboldt County looks to fix issues with airports


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. - According to Humboldt County officials, the Aviation Division of Public works, which oversees the six airports in the county, has been dealing with financial issues for years.

County Supervisor Rex Bohn said the Aviation Division has borrowed around $500,000 from the county over the past few years. 

"I think what we need to do is make it self-sustaining net neutral," Bohn said.

The Board of Supervisor hired Volaire Aviation to conduct a financial review of the airports. 

"They inspected all our airports and we've got a couple that are probably have very little use but are costing quite a bit of money to maintain," Bohn said. 

Volaire made suggestions for solutions to major issues the airports are facing in their review. 

"They've talked about us going on a hunt for an airport manager," Bohn said. "Someone who can focus on and has the idea of economically turning those things around and as we move forward making those improvements that need to be made."

Bohn said hiring an airport manager is the first thing on the board's to-do list for 2018, so that changes can be implemented as soon as possible. 

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