Keswick Dam Road scheduled to reopen by March 31


REDDING, Calif. - City workers poured cement for the concrete headway on the north side of Keswick Dam Road Tuesday. They've already completed the one on the south side.

City of Redding Construction Manager Ron DeMaagd said this is one of the final items on the city's checklist before the road can be reopened to traffic.

"By the 31st we should be done," he said confidently.

On February 6, part of the road completely washed away and the 12-inch water main underneath it collapsed after a storm.

Considering the harsh winter weather and availability of materials needed to fix the road, DeMaagd said he's pleased with the amount of time it's taken crews to get the road back in order. They're also under budget.

"We've got a budget of $250,000 and we think we're going to be under that...and that should include everything," he said.

He said they've already successfully replaced the storm drain and rebuilt the road and the banks of Sulphur Creek, which caved.

Crews are now focusing on putting in the second water culvert.

"It's literally a wall in front of the storm drain so the water can't erode the bank anymore," DeMaagd said, adding that it should ultimately solve the problem.

They are also working to replace the 12-inch water main that buckled.

"We should be done with those by mid-next week, we've got paving scheduled for next week and then guardrail the week after that, so we're pretty close to being done right now," he said.

He believes these are permanent fixes and that the damage shouldn't reoccur next year.

"Should never happen again...I shouldn't say 'never', but theoretically, should never happen again."

For now, drivers can use the detour on Quartz Hill Road, which DeMaagd said adds only about 6 minutes to their route.

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