KRCR Internship Positions Available


Are you a news junkie? Do you need a daily fix of local news and current events? Then why not learn from the best at KRCR-TV? As an intern, you'll have the unique opportunity to become a real part of the local news in the Redding-Chico market. You'll also get the hands-on newsroom experience that great careers are built on, and get a competitive edge in the industry before you even graduate. REQUIREMENTS:

1) You must be registered at a College, University, Community College, or Vocational-Technical Institute.

2) You must be at least 18-years-old, have at least Sophomore/Junior-level status, and have a "B" GPA equivalent or better.

3) You must provide written confirmation from your school, confirming course credit will be earned upon completion of the internship. No compensation from the station will be provided.

4) All interns must complete a minimum of 10 hours per week for a period of 10-16 weeks, depending on the school's semester or quarter length. Interns must not exceed the maximum of 20 hours of work per week.


In this first phase of the internship program, students will get the chance to experience several different aspects of the newsroom---including producing and reporting. Interns will perform various tasks such as writing VO's and VO/SOT's, researching story ideas, logging tape, answering phones, and other tasks assigned by the Assistant News Director. Students will also learn the news-gathering process from the reporter's point-of-view. Selected interns will be allowed to accompany reporters on various stories, and learn how to ask the right questions during interviews, and what it takes to complete a story for broadcast. Knowledge of the local area and history, and current events is required. All interns will walk away with a firm understanding of how a live newscast gets from conception to air. HOW TO APPLY

1) Consult with your student adviser to ensure you can fulfill the requirements listed above.

2) Submit the following information: a. A cover letter introducing yourself and what you hope to accomplish during your internship. Also include what days/times you are available to intern, and a phone number where you can be reached. b. A letter from your college/university confirming you will receive credit for the internship.

E-Mail completed information to: Jennifer Scarborough - Executive News Director


The second phase of the internship program is available only to interns who have successfully completed Level One during a previous semester or quarter. Level Two allows students to further explore the television news industry by exploring and getting more hands-on experience in different departments.

1) Producer Internship: For those students who are interested in working behind the camera, and having ultimate control over the newscasts. Interns will get the chance to observe and participate in the operation of KRCR-TV's newsroom by learning the art of producing. This will include story selection, learning about the decision-making process, providing story ideas, as well as writing, timing, and boothing a newscast. Selected students will also work with the producers to create key elements of the show, such as full screen and over-the-shoulder graphics, VO's, VO/SOT's, and reporter scripts. This is an ideal position for a quick-learner who is detail-oriented, can keep a cool head in stressful situations, and is used to completing multiple tasks at once.

2) Reporter Internship: Students interested in reporting should have published works from school or other publications, and be trained in the basics of journalism before applying for this internship. Reporting interns will get the chance to act as a general assignment reporter, and cover stories in a variety of subject areas. Some stories will be assigned, but students must also enterprise their own ideas on a daily basis. Selected interns will also get the chance to create a resume tape, and have their work critiqued by the News Director and/or Assistant News Director.

3) Assignment Desk Internship: This is your chance to become part of the "heart of the newsroom." Interns will learn how to work the assignment desk on a day-to-day basis. This will include researching stories, dispatching and monitoring news crews, communicating with local law enforcement agencies, and participate in the decision-making process. Students will also learn the news-gathering process from the ground up, and how the assignment desk plays a critical role in the newscasts from the start to finish of each day. Applicants must learn quickly and be able to follow directions with minimal supervision.

4) Weather Internship: Learn what it takes to be a television meteorologist. Students will gain invaluable experience during this internship, including observing and participating in the daily activities in the First Alert Weather Center. This will include researching and producing a complete weather forecast, and the creation of daily on-air graphics for the First Alert Weather Team. Strong preference will be given to students who are studying in the science/meteorology fields, who are interested in pursuing an on-air career.

5) Photography/Editing Internship: This internship is for students interested in photojournalism. Students will learn shooting techniques, lighting, and equipment handling from KRCR-TV's Chief Photographer. Intern will accompany photojournalists in the field and assist in the editing process. Applicants must have sound judgment, the ability to make quick decisions, and an interest in current events. A basic knowledge of video photography and editing is required.

6) Production Internship: Interns will get to experience the behind-the-scenes aspects of television news production during this program. Selected students will be able to complete a customizable internship that focuses in one, or several, of the following areas: Editing (non-linear), Studio Operations (Camera, Floor Director), and Control Room Operations (Technical Director, Audio, Video). Applicant should have completed production course work in related areas, or have relevant experience.


1) Consult with your student adviser to ensure you can receive additional course credit for Level Two of KRCR-TV's Internship Program. a. A cover letter describing your experience in Level One of the program, and what you hope to accomplish by continuing the internship process. Also include what area you would like to focus on, what days/times you are available to intern, and a phone number where you can be reached. b. A letter from your college/university confirming you will receive credit for Level Two of the internship.

Mail completed information to: Jennifer Scarborough - Executive News Director Jshaslerud@Sbgtv.Com

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