Local restaurant brings good art to good food


EUREKA, Calif. - Zoe, a restaurant in Henderson Center, is working to make the dining experience unlike any other. They are doing this through the power of art.

Marsa Jordan, is the owner of the restaurant. She is an art connoisseur, who believes art is magical.

"For me it is a very positive influence and I just really enjoy the fact that someone can be so creative," said Jordan.

On Thursday, she installed a new piece of art in her restaurant. It is a giant tree by the local artist Elizabeth Berrien.

"The tree is new to me, but it touched me at the very first moment and I fell in love with it," Jordan said.

Her goal is to share the joy she gets from art with others. Those who were at Zoe last night described the art piece as magical.

"There were people just gasping at the tree and it gave a very moving focal point and it affected everyone differently," Jeffrey Smoller, who lives in Eureka, said.

The restaurant is open Wednesday through Saturday from 5:30pm to 9:00pm.

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