Local woman recounts her experience in Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria


EUREKA, Calif. - Danielle McDeavitt lived in Humboldt County about eight years ago and has since moved to Puerto Rico. She returned to Humboldt County two days after Hurricane Maria hit the island to stay with friends.

McDeavitt said she was lucky enough to board a United Airlines humanitarian flight that took 200 people off the island.

She sat down with North Coast News to share her experience of what it was like in Puerto Rico during the hurricane that has left millions without power. She said the brunt of the category 5 hurricane lasted about 5 and a half hours and she began to fear for her life when she saw her neighbor's house filling with water.

McDeavitt said she feels like the island is not getting the help it needs and she wants to do something about it. She has planned a benefit at the Eagle House, located at 139 Second Street in Eureka at 7 p.m.

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