Locals fighting crime with 'The Ring' technology


EUREKA, Calif. - The Eureka Neighborhood Watch group is exploring innovative ways to keep intruders out of their homes by taking home surveillance to the modern times.

The community meeting was hosted inside the Wharfinger Building, with a representative from Ring, a Los Angeles company, who explained their doorbell technology that allows homeowners to check on their door steps without being home.

Eureka Police Chief Steve Watson was present, supported the meeting and Eureka Neighborhood Watch. "The Eureka Police Dept. supports any effective crime prevention and crime reduction program," said Watson.

The devices by Ring record video and allow voice interaction between the homeowner and anyone in their view. They are just one of many companies stepping up doorbell technology.

Watson said video technology is the new wave in keeping crime out of neighborhoods. "It could help law enforcement agencies solve crimes, for instance, when you begin to look for video footage in the neighborhood where a particular incident occurred," Watson said.

The device was put to use earlier this year by staff form the Jefferson Community Center in Eureka. The video stream alerted staff about a fight outside of the center, and they could call for help right away.

But the device may also be useful in simply letting the mail carrier know that you are out of town to prevent someone from stealing your mail.

Jeannie Breslin was one of the hosts of the meeting, and she's a Ring owner. She shared an example from a friend on the utility of the device.

"She got an alert that her mail was being delivered, so through her phone in Colorado she said, 'hey Mr. Mailman come back here.' And the mailman turned around and said, 'who's talking,' and she said, 'it is the doorbell, come back here! My mail is on hold, you're not supposed to be delivering my mail.'"

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