Man runs from Sonora to Yreka for State of Jefferson


Herve Leconte is on a mission to run from Tuolumne County to Siskiyou County to raise awareness for the State of Jefferson Movement. In the time since he began, Leconte has encountered several roadblocks and adventures.

His run began June 29 in Sonora. Leconte said everything went well to start. However, he had to change routes in Amador County because of a fire.

"I started to see some smoke on the horizon and fire trucks moving fast. An hour later, I turn right and the CHP officer [was] right in front of me," said Leconte. "I ask the CHP [officer] 'I understand the cars cannot go, but me, I can run.' As I'm talking to him and my wife, right behind him I see the, I'm guessing it's the DC 10, dropping the fire retardant. It was totally surreal."

The next incident Leconte ran into was in Yuba County. He was near Oregon House when two deputies were shot.

"I didn't have any water, so I stopped and asked a little retail shop," said Leconte. "The guy was on the phone. He said 'Oh, a deputy just got shot a mile from here.'"

Leconte stayed in the shop for another 30 minutes until things calmed down and continued his run.

As he ran farther north, the temperature began to rise.

"The weather got a little hot. Colusa, Willows, it was brutal," he said. "Not even a tree. I think birds don't even go there."

He stayed the night in Willows, where another adventure began early in the morning.

"I like to start running around 6 a.m.," said Leconte. "I wake up and I look at the clock. 'Oh, 7:26!'"

He got up and saw lights outside the window. He put on his gear and went outside, thinking it was past the time he needed to begin the run.

"I got outside, and it's dark. It's 2 o'clock in the morning. Turns out the alarm clock was angled.The seven was not a seven. It was a one," said Leconte.

He then described getting lost running towards Red Bluff and deciding to take a nap under a tree. Another CHP officer found him and gave him a ride to the next exit.

Leconte arrived in Redding Saturday to a small crowd of supporters. He plans to continue his trip and reach Yreka on August 9.

To follow the journey, go to the Run for Representation Facebook page.

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