No game, no parade for MHS varsity football team


MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. - There will be no homecoming game or parade for McKinleyville High School's varsity football team according to the school's principal, Nic Collart, who said that some of the team members made a big mistake.

"Images that came out of our boys locker room that had an offensive statement, racially and homophobic." Collart said.

Collart chose not to release what was written on the white board. But he said he got word of the incident last week from school staff after a photo of the board floated around social media.

"Words, statements were put on a white board on our varsity football locker room," He said. "I don't think there was an intent that those were to be sent out."

Once the photo reached the school community, Collart sent out a phone message to parents over the weekend.

"Earlier this week some members of our varsity football team made a poor decision, which in effect was damaging to students, staff and our community," Collart said in the message. "It negatively impacted the perception of McKinleyville High School."

He said that not every player was involved, but he wants the entire team to learn from this mistake.

"We're finding a good balance like I said earlier on holding ourselves accountable to the high expectations that we have as a school about how we treat each other," Collart said. "But also using this as a launching point to make our school better."

Heather Kopp is the mother of a sophomore at the school. She said that she agrees with the principal's decision to detract the varsity team's homecoming privilege.

"I don't think bullying should be allowed anywhere especially with the things going on in the world," Kopp said. "We all need to stand together. If one team member bullies one person, then they are going to do it again, my son has been bullied a little bit, and the school has taken care of him."

Principal collart said he takes this issue seriously. He is a MHS alumni and used to coach the football team.

"As a high school and as a football team, our standards are that we want to welcome all students here to McKinleyville High School and I want all students to feel safe," Collart said.

Collart said this is also a teachable moment for him. This is his first year as the school's principal and he said he wants to focus on fixing relationships amongst students.

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