PenAir cancels Humboldt County flights to Portland


HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Calif. - PenAir is ending Pacific Northwest area air service, including flights from Humboldt County to Portland, OR.

Effective Tuesday, Aug. 8, PenAir will cease operations of all non-EAS routes in the Pacific Northwest. This includes air travel on PenAir between Portland and Redding, Eureka/Arcata, North Bend/Coos Bay or Klamath Falls.

The last scheduled flights in and out of Portland will be Monday, Aug. 7. Flights operated by PenAir between Portland and Crescent City will continue as scheduled.

"The steps we are taking with closing Portland area routes will allow PenAir to cut costs, while management continues its focus on financial stability and safe operations," said PenAir CEO and Chairman Danny Seybert.

PenAir flies to eight destinations within Alaska, as well as the Denver and Boston areas. Passengers on all other routes can expect continued operations with no changes to flight times or services.

Passengers scheduled to fly out of the Portland markets after Aug. 7 may contact the airline at 800-448-4226.

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