Help to temporarily house the homeless comes to Redding


REDDING, Calif. - Shasta Community Health Center Doctor Douglas McMullin has been helping the homeless in Redding for over two years.

"As we offer medical care and show that we really do care, people start to relate to people as people again," said McMullin.

He said that's when he saw a need to help get them off the streets and into temporary housing. McMullin partnered with Melissa Englebright from Facebook page "People of Redding" to start a program called "Bridges to Housing."

"This is a way to get somebody off the street today, into a more temporary solution as they wait for that more permanent solution from the county and the city," said McMullin. But he said there are rules to stay in the housing.

"Our plan for this is that when they're ready, we ask them to take a case manager to see them a couple times a week, to be a good neighbor, to be on an application list for more permanent housing," said McMullin.

Mcmullin said they also need to pay $50 or 60% of their income each month. He adds they have already started housing three people, and want to help more.

"We've already housed one homeless person who was in our street for 20 years, and she's been off the streets for 8 months, and it's been an awesome success," said McMullin.

But the project depends on donations from the community. People can start contributing when the website goes online next week. The link will be posted on the "People of Redding" page.

McMullin said helping the homeless in turn helps the community as a whole.

"This isn't a law problem - this is somebody who doesn't have a home. And so as we solve that issue, a lot of things fall into place. The community's nicer, cleaner. The police can spend their time on trafficking and real crime," said McMullin.

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