Student group wants library to stay open for homeless students


ARCATA, Calif. - On Monday night, a student lead coalition called "If not here, then where?" went to the Humboldt State library just before closing -- with camping gear in tow.

"We decided to hold down the library here, basically they close at 11:45 and we refused to leave," Braydon Beshore, a student with the coalition said.

Beshore and peer, Michael Barnes, were two of about 15 people protesting. They said the goal was to convince administration to keep the library open 24 hours a day. The reason is to combat the effects of housing insecurity for students.

"15 percent, as of fall 2016, of HSU students have experienced housing insecurity during their education here," Barnes said, referring to statistics from a study done by the sociology department.

The protest lasted until around 5 a.m., according to the students. They decided to leave once the dean of students, and dean of the library, agreed to speak with them about the issue. The group now wants to work towards convincing the administration to change the library hours.

"We don't think people should live in the library," Beshore said. "But if they have nowhere else to go, the school needs to provide these kinds of services to the students, these kinds of resources."

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