Surveillance video catches Christmas burglars


ANDERSON, Calif. - Two men were caught on surveillance footage, allegedly stealing thousands of dollars worth of equipment and tools from Tugwell Roofing.

Anderson police are still searching for the suspects. 

According to employees, the men were seen on surveillance breaking the lock at the gate just after 10 p.m. on Christmas.

After breaking the lock, they are seen driving a U-HAUL through the gate and stealing an expensive generator and several tools.

In a statement to KRCR, Tugwell Roofing expressed gratitude to Anderson police and the community, saying: 

"The suspects will be caught and hopefully we will get the items back that were stolen. In the end, it's business as usual. We have work to do, and we appreciate the people in our community that actually work for the things they want, not steal them. We appreciate the support from our community and to the Anderson Police Department for their efforts, thank you!"

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