Top headlines: Wednesday, January 3


Here are the top headlines for Wednesday, January 3.

First snow survey of 2018

Wednesday crews will conduct the first of five snow surveys this season to measure water storage in California mountains.

They will measure the depth of the snow and water density. The data gathered will help crews anticipate how much water will run off from the mountains after the snow starts to melt.

Fake signs show up on California highways

A series of fake signs have popped up on California highways, mocking the state's new status as a sanctuary state.

The signs were posted under the "Welcome to California" signs, and read "Felons, illegals and MS13 welcome! Democrats need the votes!"

Officials have already removed a sign on the Arizona border, and another on the Nevada border, but there are reports of more signs.

Firearms, ammunition stolen from Bella Vista home

Deputies want your help finding the burglars who broke into a home and got away with guns and thousands of rounds of ammunition.

It was discovered on Saturday at a home in the 11000 block of Mae Lane near Bella Vista.

Three gun safes were taken, as well as several handguns, rifles, shotguns and thousands of rounds of live ammunition.

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Communication between North and South Korea opens

A key communication channel between the two Koreas has reopened after almost two years. Two phone calls took place between North and South Korea Wednesday.

The move comes after North Korea's Kim Jong Un and President Trump squared off over nuclear capabilities.

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Wednesday night's Powerball jackpot stands at $440 million as of that morning.

The Mega Millions jackpot stands at $418, the morning after nobody matched all winning numbers Tuesday.

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