Tree service companies busy cutting and trimming before the storms


REDDING, Calif. - Area tree services have been busy this week, cutting and trimming trees before the storms hit the Northstate. On Tuesday, Runyon's Tree Service had a crew cutting down a 70 foot poplar tree that was deeply rooted for 20 years. Homeowner Mark Haslam said the tree branches were covering the majority of his backyard and he was not sure the tree would withstand another storm. Haslam was made aware of National Weather Service advisories issued for high winds beginning Wednesday, confirming he made the right choice taking the tree down now. "There were a lot of times when winds were high, 50 plus miles an hour winds, and I can hear the wind going through the tree," Haslam said. "I wouldn't even sleep all night because worrying about that tree splitting off, coming down on the roof." Experts note to always keep an eye on trees before and after storms,look for signs of weakening such as splits in branches or even lifting roots.
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