Trinidad school serves organic, healthy lunches


TRINIDAD, Calif. - Students at Trinidad Elementary School meals made from scratch with ingredients that are organic and locally-sourced.

The school gets most of their produce from local farmer's markets and the vegetable garden on campus the students themselves tend. The meat comes from local farmers.

Principal Matt Malkus said the school has been serving meals like this for about eight years now. The goal was to get the students to eat healthier and to try new types of food they may never have had before.

Colleen Kelly, the nutritional director for the school, said that the food she serves is not something she had when she was in school.

"I remember once every couple months, McDonalds would come along and give us some hamburgers with the orange drink," Kelly said. "Yeah no."

Malkus said that because the meals are made from scratch, it helps save the school money, and allows the lunch staff flexibility to make meals.

"It's nice to not feel stressed about the budget, so much, that we're able to be flexible and get really good, quality food for the kids," Kelly said.

Kelly tries to make meals that the kids would enjoy with the ingredients she has. She plans on making chicken burritos and sliders made with grass-fed beef, which is something the kids said they would enjoy.

"They use so many natural ingredients and they make sure that it's all healthy and that kids like it. So that they eat it all," Reni, a fourth grader, said.

"It's very nice to actually know that we can have healthy food and live in an environment where nature's all around us," Violet, a fourth grader, said.

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