Winter Storm Slams The Northstate

Courtesy: Carlo Falco/4,000 Ft. Elevation

Shingletown, Calif. - It's only November, but we're in the midst of the second winter storm of the year in the mountains. And the snow levels are verylow for this storm.

Snow levels are as low as 2,500 feet in the mountains on both sides of the valley with accumulating snow as low as 3,000 feet.

The higher you go, the more snow there is. About 8 miles upHighway 44from Shingletown, there was close to three inches. But despite the freezing temperatures, life hasn't frozen solid. Wyatt Goshorn and his friend were out running in the snow, training for a marathon.

"Whatever the weather does we run. Yesterday we could go [run]outside without jackets," Said Wyatt,"but today, it's really cold."

But the mountains weren't the only areas getting wild weather. The valley saw several thunderstorms. Redding picked up almost a tenth of an inch of rain, while Red Bluff and Corning saw hail.

But the crazy weather isn't all bad. Through it all, there was a fantastic double rainbow seen in Anderson, and the snow has made the mountains even more beautiful.

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