Women's March: Participants to take '10 Actions in 100 Days'

Womens March in Eureka on Saturday

EUREKA, Calif. - The Women's March on Eureka said close to 700 marches happened over the weekend worldwide, and nearly 5 million people took part. The group estimates that over 5,000 people participated locally.

Organizers of the march are asking participants to text 'COUNT ME EUREKA, CA' - to 89800. They say it will help the national organizers get an estimate of how many people marched worldwide. Participants will be counted until Tuesday January 24 at 11:59 PM.

For those who were inspired by the event and wish to take further action, participants can visit to be part of the next movement called '10 Actions in 100 Days.' The latest campaign will consist of taking on a new issue every ten days during President Trump's first 100 days in office. The first action to be taken by participants will be to write postcards to local senators.

"We are so proud of the Women's March on Eureka. It was a powerful moment of unity for our community. We ask that people stay inspired and activated by the Women's March. This march is the beginning of a movement that will encourage people to take action. The future is uncertain, but we remain committed to working together on behalf our community," said Terry Uyeki, organizer of the Eureka rally.

Photos and videos of the march may be uploaded at

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