Stuff the Bus 2018 Food Drive Barrel Locations


    KRCR News Channel 7, your local Ford Dealers, and the Salvation Army are collecting non-perishable food items in our annual Stuff the Bus Food Drive. Stuff the Bus delivers food to hundreds of families in need in your community.

    On Friday, May 11, KRCR News Channel 7 and your local Ford dealers will fill two city buses with non-perishable food items to support your local Salvation Army at the Downtown City Plaza in Chico and Crown Motors in Redding. The events will run from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Chico and 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Redding.

    Special thanks to B-Line and RABA transit systems for providing time, effort, and their buses.

    We are looking for local businesses, organizations, and schools to put up donation barrels and gather non-perishable food items. If your organization wants to participate, call your local Salvation Army or KRCR News Channel 7 and ask to have a barrel delivered to your location.

    Redding Salvation Army: 530-222-2207

    KRCR News Channel 7: 530-243-7782

    Red Bluff Salvation Army: 530-527-8530

    Chico Salvation Army: 530-776-1009

    Oroville Salvation Army: 530-534-7155

    If you would like to donate non-perishable food items, barrels can be found at the following locations:


    • Redding Fire Station 1, located at 1335 Shasta Street
    • Redding Fire Station 2, located at 3491 Pacer Street
    • Redding Fire Station 3, located at 4255 Westside Road
    • Redding Fire Station 4, located at 2605 S. Bonnyview Road
    • Redding Fire Station 5. located at 955 Hartnell Avenue
    • Redding Fire Station 6, located at 1695 Beltline Road
    • Redding Fire Station 7, located at 3772 Flight Avenue
    • Redding Fire Station 8. located at 131 Churn Creek Road
    • Haven Humane Society, located at 7449 Eastside Road
    • Turtle Bay Museum, located at 844 Sundial Bridge Drive
    • Redding Grocery Outlet, located at 2235 Churn Creek Road
    • Crown Motors, located at 555 Cypress Avenue
    • Redding Police Department, located at 777 Cypress Avenue
    • California Highway Patrol, located at 2485 Sonoma Street or 2503 Cascade Blvd.
    • KRCR News Channel 7, located at 755 Auditorium Drive
    • Cronic Disaster Services, located at 2662 Tarmac Road
    • Kaleidoscope Coffee Company, located at 2380 Athens Avenue, 900 Dana Drive, and 2258 North Street in Anderson
    • Alta Mesa Elementary School, located at 2301 Saturn Skyway
    • Grant Elementary School, located at 8835 Swasey Drive


    • Grocery Outlet, located at 388 S Main Street
    • 2 Buds BBQ, located at 592 Antelope Blvd.
    • BR Growing Supplies, located at 22755 Antelope Blvd Suit B
    • Salvation Army Thrift Store, located at 940 Walnut Street


    • Made in Chico, located at 127 W. 3rd Street
    • Chico Chamber of Commerce, located at 441 Main Street
    • Dimensions Salon, located at 810 Broadway Street
    • Gateway Science Museum, located at 625 Esplanade
    • Chico Grocery Outlet, located at 2157 Pillsbury Road
    • Chico Police Department, located at 1460 Humboldt Road

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