A look at PG&E operations at the Tuscan Ridge base camp

The entrance to PG&E's base camp off Skyway near Paradise.

PG&E spokesman, Paul Moreno gave details on Wednesday about the operations at the company's base camp, at Tuscan Ridge, off Skyway.

The area has served as a place of operations for PG&E and their contracted companies, since the start of the Camp Fire.

At one point, there were 2,500 contracted workers there, along with showers, laundry services and sleeping quarters.

PG&E has scaled back those worker amenities, as rebuilding efforts progress. Now, 1,200 contracted tree workers remain at the base.

Electric crews for PG&E finished up their work in December, and only 80 gas crews remain in Paradise, as their work nears completion.

There's no time estimate on when the base camp will close completely.

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