Attempted fraud suspect arrested in Chico

Antonio Spruell

Chico police arrested 24-year-old Antonio Spruell after he reportedly tried to buy hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise with a fraudulent credit card.

It happened around 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Zumiez store in the Chico Mall. Police said they got a call about three people trying to buy things with a fraudulent credit card, as well as assaulting an employee.

Officers caught up with Spruell on Highway 99 near Neal Road.

They said he tried buying more than $900 worth of goods from Zumiez. He was also found with more than $1,400 worth of goods they believe were fraudulently purchased from the same store in Yuba City.

Spruell was booked for attempted fraudulent use of an access card and possession of stolen property.

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