More details released, woman identified in Palermo deputy involved shooting

Photo courtesy of Javier Carmona

A woman is dead after officials say she began reversing her car at a high rate of speed towards a deputy, forcing him and another deputy to fire at her, ultimately killing her.

According to the Butte County Sheriff's Office, at approximately 6:30 p.m. Thursday, they received a 911 call from a home in the 2100 block of Stanley Drive in Palermo.

The caller told dispatchers that an unknown woman, later identified as Myra Lisa Micalizio, 56, from Palermo, was trespassing on their property and when asked to leave, she refused and made threats to shoot the residents.

Amanda Allen, who owns the property, said Micalizio was acting strange from the start.

"We don't know what attracted her," Allen said. "There was no yard sale, nothing. She said there was some yard sale. No there wasn't. And she didn't even know us, we didn't know them. And she was going through my mom's stuff, picking through, trying to get things to take."

Butte County Deputies Charles Lair and Mary Barker were dispatched to the area.

Once on scene, the deputies found Micalizio in the front yard and her vehicle parked in the driveway. Officials said as the deputies approached her, she had her hands behind her back, refusing directions from Deputy Lair to stop and show her hands.

Officials added based on the threats to shoot to the residents, the deputies were worried Micalizio was armed with a gun.

Micalizio continued to ignore Deputy Lair's commands to show her hands and then walked to her vehicle and got in the driver's seat. Officials said she quickly started the vehicle, put it in reverse, and accelerated backwards at a high rate of speed towards Deputy Lair.

As the vehicle came close to Deputy Lair, he attempted to move but noted that it appeared Micalizio was steering the vehicle towards him. Fearing he was in danger of being ran over, Deputy Lair fired seven shots from his gun into the vehicle.

Officials said at the same time, Deputy Barker, who was standing nearby, fired six shots into the vehicle as she too was concerned that Deputy Lair was in danger of being struck by the vehicle.

Both deputies then ceased firing as the vehicle slowed down and came to a stop. Officials said the preliminary investigation reveals that there was only 15 to 20 seconds between when the deputies arrived and when the shooting happened.

No one was injured except Micalizio, but Allen says it was a close call. One of the deputy's bullets flew into her son's bedroom.

"There was like a trajectory," Allen said. "They had a little rod going like that through my son's room, like so. And it hit his dresser and out the other end."

The deputies immediately notified dispatch that shots were fired and requested medical aid. The deputies then began life saving efforts until medical personnel responded but Micalizio died at the scene.

Officials said the deputies were wearing body cameras, however, due to how quickly the situation happened, they did not activate them until after the shooting happened. Officials added there were three witnesses on the property and their statements corroborated the deputies accounts of what happened.

They all expressed a belief that Deputy Lair was in danger of being run over when the shots were fired.

The Butte County Sheriff's Office said they only had one prior contact with Micalizio in which she reported being the victim of battery. An autopsy is pending and will be conducted by the Sacramento County Coroner's Office.

Deputy Lair, 41, is a 16-year veteran of the Butte County Sheriff's Office and Deputy Barker, 27, is a 2-year veteran. During the investigation, Deputy Lair and Deputy Barker will be reassigned from field operations to administrative duties pending a meeting with the department's psychologist.

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