Wildfire planning: Building a fire-safe home


    As recovery from the wildfires evolves from clean up to rebuilding, the question of how to build a fireproof, or at least a fire-safe home comes to mind.

    Kent Yonker, Territory Manager for Logix Wall Systems spoke with KRCR about the steps he takes in building a fire-safe home. Kent has over 40 years in the construction business and is a pioneer of insulated concrete form construction.

    "I believe that structures should be something you can run into in a disaster, and not run from. But yet we continue to build houses out of wood that burns. A couple of the things the contractor did really good here: one, it's stucco. It doesn't burn, had this been a wood house this is where the fire would have started and the building would have failed. The walls are going to have concrete inside it. Standard reinforced concrete walls and the Styrofoam will stay in place for insulation. Plumbing and electrical can fit in the wall.

    The roof was limited in the amount of vents, that limits the embers getting in and fire starting that Yonker considers himself on a quest to change the building industry to safer, greener buildings.

    Kent is also extending special assistance to first responders who lost their homes in any of the wildfires.

    Click here for more information on the Building Fire Safe California program.

    Any questions can also be directed to Kent Yonker at kent@logixicf.com.

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