Butte Co. Sheriff's Office investigating Magalia dog attacks


    The Butte County Sheriff's Office is investigating two dog attacks that happened in Magalia Thursday.

    According to deputies, at about 8:54 a.m. they were dispatched to the 6600 block of Rosewood Drive in Magalia after receiving a report that a large pack of vicious dogs had attacked a neighbor.

    While responding to the scene, deputies were told that there may be as many as three victims.

    When deputies arrived they found the neighbor who was suffering from serious injuries as a result of multiple dog bites. Deputies were able to isolate the victim from the dogs and transport her to a safe location to meet with an ambulance for transport to a local hospital.

    At the time of the call, Butte County Animal Control officers were in court with the dogs' owner, Peter Ricca, 64, regarding earlier complaints about the dogs.

    The Animal Control officers and Ricca left court to address the ongoing issue at Ricca's home. The officers arrived on scene and assisted with securing the dogs.

    Officials said the nine dogs responsible for the attacks were seized by Animal Control and will be quarantined to determine any associated health issues.

    The four other dogs were quarantined on scene under the care of the owner.

    As deputies investigated the incident further they learned of a second victim who had already been transported by ambulance to a local hospital. Deputies said the victim was in surgery for several major injuries and numerous minor injuries resulting from dog bites.

    The incident is being actively investigated by the Butte County Sheriff's Office and Butte County Animal Control.

    Anyone with information about the attacks or knowledge of additional victims are being encouraged to call the Butte County Sheriff's Office at 530-538-7321.

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