Butte County deputies shoot, kill Red Bluff attempted murder suspect after chase

Photo courtesy of Orlando Carmona

Update as of 7:56 p.m. Monday, January 28

The Butte County Sheriff's Office (BCSO) has identified the suspect killed in Monday's officer-involved shooting as Richard Moulton, 52, of Red Bluff.

According to BCSO, Moulton allegedly slapped, bit and choked the victim, as well as tried to gouge out her eyes, threatened to kill her and forced a handgun in her mouth.

The victim was able to get away from Moulton briefly when he fired nine shots in her direction shortly before running away in his car.

BCSO deputies spotted the suspect's car in Durham and attempted to pull the suspect over after calling for backup. Moulton tried to run until the pursuit ended at the Highway 162 and Aguas Frias Road location.

The suspect opened his door and put a handgun to his head. He then got out of the vehicle, pointed the handgun at the deputies and they opened fire.

Moulton was pronounced dead at the scene after officers tried to revive him with CPR.

This incident remains under investigation by BCSO. Anyone with possible information is urged to call BCSO at (530) 538-7322.

Original article

According to the Red Bluff Police Department and the Butte County Sheriff's Office, a man is dead after a shooting in Red Bluff led to a pursuit with the suspect in Butte County, ending in an officer-involved shooting where the suspect was killed.

Marlo Clingman, a mother of two who lives in the area of the shooting, heard the shots that killed the suspect.

"When I actually opened my front blinds I could see all the cops down there and then within seconds there was just cops coming everywhere, pulling off, pulling around everywhere. So, I just kinda made sure my door was locked," Clingman said.

According to the Red Bluff Police Department, they received a 911 call of multiple shots fired at a home in the 400 block of Madison Street around 10:45 a.m.. It was also reported that the shooter left the scene in a red or maroon Ford pick-up truck.

When officers arrived on scene they learned a domestic violence incident had occurred between a woman and her ex-husband. Officials said the woman will not be identified because she is a domestic violence victim.

The woman was not hit by any of the shots that were fired and she suffered minor injuries during the incident. She was transported to St. Elizabeth's Hospital and was later released.

Officials said since the suspect was no longer at the scene when they arrived, information was distributed to nearby agencies to keep a lookout for him.

Butte County Sheriff's Deputies later found the suspect in Durham at 12:21 p.m. and a pursuit began.

Officials said an officer-involved shooting then took place at the intersection of Highway 162 and Aguas Frias Road at 12:43 p.m. and the suspect involved in the Red Bluff incident was shot and killed by deputies.

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