Sold: House threatened by Butte Creek erosion has new owners

House on Centerville Road in February 2017

A house along Butte Creek on Centerville Road that was threatened by land erosion has new owners.

Jacob and Mandy Whigham purchased the house in February for $220,000 after it fell into foreclosure.

The Whighams plan to spend $300,000 on a renovation which will include compacted soil near the banks of the creek that won't erode and a barrier to protect the house from further erosion at a cost of $100,000.

The house's previous owner had purchased the house for $460,000 but couldn't afford the cost of constructing a barrier to protect it from heavy storms that took a toll on the soil embanking her house in February of 2017.

It appeared the house could collapse into the creek.

The owner tried to get county and state agencies to help her, but ultimately she didn't have the resources to protect her house.

The house foreclosed and the previous owner now lives and works in Durham.

She declined to speak with KRCR, but a friend said she wants "to put this nightmare behind her once and for all."

The new owners love the property and plan to live in it but occasionally lease it as a vacation rental.

The purchase isn't without risk.

The Whighams say they need the barrier up before this winter or else what happened to the previous owner could happen to them.

"Nature is very unpredictable," said Mandy Whigham. "You're out here enjoying the scenery, but when you're this close (to the creek), you're at the mercy of (nature)."

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