Camp Fire animals available for adoption beginning Saturday

A dog sits inside an enclosure at the Chico Animal Shelter.

On Saturday, animals who were surrendered or unclaimed from the devastating Camp Fire in Butte County will go up for adoption at various shelters throughout the state.

The Chico Animal Shelter received a large amount of them after the emergency animal shelter closed in Butte County a couple weeks ago. The Chico Animal Shelter currently has 60 cats and 20 dogs displaced by the Camp Fire.

"What we would encourage people to do is just go to our website, go to the adoptable tab and they can see what animals are adoptable. Animals on the stray tab are not available for adoption, they may never be available for adoption. They may end up going home," said Tracy Mohr, the Animal Services Manager for the City of Chico.

Up until this point, Butte County has been encouraging people to visit the Camp Fire Animal website here to locate their pets. But now, the Chico Animal Shelter says custody has officially been transferred over to them, meaning any Camp Fire adoptable animals being housed at their shelter can be found on their own independent website here.

Mohr noted that it is important to visit the 'adoptable animals' tab to view cats and dogs that are available from the Camp Fire. While some are not animals from the Camp Fire, Mohr said most of them are.

Mohr says the animals will need to be spayed and neutered before going up for adoption and that not all of them will go up for adoption at once.

"In some cases we are still working on reunification and we have contact with the owners. Those animals will be held for a little longer until things can get worked out," Mohr added. "For those animals that we have contacted their owners and the owners are unable to take those animals back, those are the first animals that we will be putting up for adoption."

The Chico Animal Shelter says the adoption process will take time. They also noted that there will be no adoption specials for Camp Fire animals.

"It's not like magically all of these animals are going to be available for adoption. There's going to be a process and it's going to take time," Mohr said.

In addition, the volunteers who cared for some of the animals at the emergency animal shelter in Oroville will have priority when it comes to adopting an animal because they have already established a bond.

"We are not even taking a waitlist at this point because we are still sorting through each animal. We are taking each animal on a case by case basis and determining if we've made contact with the owner, is there even an owner, has the animal been released to us because the owner can't take the animal, all of those factor are important," Mohr said.

They say it is too early to establish a waiting list considering some of the Camp Fire animals are being temporarily boarded there until their owners can find more permanent housing solutions.

"For us as a shelter, we are encouraging people to keep tabs on our website," Mohr said.

The Chico Animal Shelter says they will not be euthanizing any of the Camp Fire animals, including the ferral cats. They say the ferral cats will be given to farms or other outside organizations who transition them back until the wild. As far as the remaining animals, the shelter is confident they will all be adopted into loving homes considering the interest people have in adopting the animals.

To view all the Camp Fire animals and the various shelters they were transferred to, you can click here.

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