Caregiver nearly hit by stray bullet in Red Bluff attempted murder


RED BLUFF, Calif. - "I heard it come past me."

That's how Amanda Doyle remembered it when a bullet shattered a window of the apartment of a quadriplegic whom she was tending to early Sunday morning at the Kimball Crossing Apartments in Red Bluff.

Police said it was a stray bullet from the gun of Stephanie Torres, who was already wanted on suspicion of two street robberies.

Torres, now in custody, had allegedly fired four shots at a 46-year-old man whose identity has not been released.

A fifth bullet traveled through a chain link fence, shattering the window approximately 50 yards from where it was fired.

Doyle said it sounded like pots and pans clanging, and figured the noise was coming from homeless people rummaging through the dumpster next to the apartment.

"So I didn't think nothing of it," said Doyle.

"But when I heard the sound again, I got up wondering what it was, as the glass had gone through the window at me." Fortunately Doyle was sitting at the edge of the patients bed. She believes if she'd been standing, the bullet may have hit her.

"I'm just thankful to be here at this moment," she said. The bullet wound up in the frame of a closet door, and was recovered by police a few hours later.

The victim of the shooting is in stable condition.

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