Chico based coalition files lawsuit over Twin Tunnels


CHICO, Calif. - Chico-based AquAlliance and a coalition have filed a lawsuit in state court against the Department of Water Resources over their Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which they say inadequately disclosed impacts of the proposed Twin Tunnels.

The Twin Tunnels project would install twin 40-foot (12-meter), 35-mile tunnels from the Sacramento River in Northern California.

According to AquAlliance, allegations in the lawsuit to stop the tunnels state that the EIR:

Failed to identify the source water that is intended to make up for flows diverted through the Twin Tunnels. Failed to disclose the over appropriation of water rights in the Sacramento River Watershed. Failed to disclose the existing conditions of Sacramento Valley groundwater. Failed to disclose and analyze the direct and indirect groundwater impacts to the Sacramento Valley that would result from expanded north-to-south, cross-Delta water transfers.

"Californians aren't doomed to repeat past destructive practices that have emptied the Owens Valley and caused the literal collapse of the San Joaquin Valley," asserted Barbara Vlamis, AquAlliance's Executive Director. "We are smart enough now to know that the Twin Tunnels would destroy California's largest river's watershed and valley, which is essential for the health of the entire state."

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