Chico Beauty College closes its doors after 60 years

Students work on customers at the Chico Beauty College.

Saturday marked the last day of a long life for the Chico Beauty College, which is closing its doors after 60 years of business due to losing its contract with Butte College.

Butte College has contracted the Chico Beauty College to teach its students since 1976.

Now, Butte College is getting a newer facility, and cutting ties with the Chico Beauty College.

For those who've worked at the CBC the longest, closing down carries the most weight.

Paula Griceo, now retired, reflected on how beauty care changed during her time at the college.

"We went from only rollers on the head and fuzzy perms to flat hair, and long. It's evolved with life as it goes," Griceo said.

Even the younger instructors like Joel Bryant have made lasting memories at the college in the short time they've had behind the shears.

"The best part about working here is just seeing the ah-ha moments that the girls get whenever they finally figure something out," Bryant said.

While Saturday was the last day the Chico Beauty College was open to the public, the storefront won't actually be emptied for about another month.

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