Chico Beauty School closes Saturday after 60-year run

The Chico Beauty School will officially go out of business on Saturday after serving the Chico community since 1958.

The school, which is located on Longfellow Avenue, taught cosmetology, manicuring, skin care and related skills.

Since 1976 the beauty college had been contracted by Butte College to teach its students.

But Butte College formed its own facility inside the Almond Orchard Shopping Center on Pillsbury Road.

It will begin operation on Tuesday, June 12th.

The Chico Beauty College provided discounted rates to customers who allowed students to cut their hair, trim their nails and provide skin treatment so they could receive firsthand experience.

The new Butte College cosmetology school will provide similar discounted rates for similar services.

All seven of the Chico Beauty School's staff will be unemployed effective Saturday.

Ron Morrison, who owned the school for most of his adult life, said the space on Longfellow Avenue will remain in use while he tries to sell its equipment.

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