Chico grandma to carry daughter's child for second time


CHICO, Calif. - For the second time in two years, a Chico grandmother will give birth to her own daughter's child.

Megan Barker, 49, will carry an embryo created by her daughter and son-in-law, which will be transferred to her body in January, making the child's anticipated birth sometime in September.

Tyler and Maddie Coleman are thrilled with their first child, Gus, who was carried successfully by Barker because of medical issues that prevented Ms. Coleman from giving birth.

The couple is thankful that Barker is willing to carry another child so that Gus can have a sibling to grow up with and relate to one another's unique births.

"We thought about Gus growing up by himself conceived the way he was, and him wondering why his parents wanted him conceived this way," said Maddie Coleman.

"I feel like being able to relate to someone so close to him will be great as far as a sibling goes," she said.

Barker is confident that she'll successfully carry the baby to full term despite her age.

"It's not a concern to me," said Barker. "I've already done it once."

"The pregnancy was fantastic," she said.

But if the young couple is hoping for a third child, they'll have to find another surrogate, as Grandma said this will be her fifth and final pregnancy (three of hers and two grandchildren).

If you want to help the family grow you can donate to their gofundme.

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