Chico man arrested in connection to bicycle theft

The Chico Police Department arrested a man believed to be connected to the theft of two expensive bicycles, on Sunday.

Chico police reported that on February 2, a reported burglary to AMain Hobbies, located at 2070 East 20th Street, ended with two expensive bicycles being stolen.

On Feb. 4, Officer Robert Kurtz was reportedly patrolling the area of West 11th Street and Broadway Street. Kurtz spotted a man who was in possession of a bicycle that closely matched the description of one of the bicycles stolen during the burglary. The man was identified as Michael Borden, a 31-year-old Chico transient.

Officials said that the bicycle had been recently painted. The serial number was not able to be confirmed at that time. Officer Kurtz seized the bicycle and continued the investigation. Borden was released.

Kurtz reported that after a follow-up with AMain Hobbies, Officer Kurtz confirmed the serial number of the bicycle matched one of the bicycles taken in the burglary. The bicycle was a $2,700 mountain bike.

On Sunday, Borden was arrested on Virginia Street, around 2:50 a.m. Borden was arrested for possession of stolen property, and fraud regarding his attempt to license the stolen bicycle in his name.

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